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I was responsible for road mapping the entire digital transformation journey of the organization. Brainstorming, ideation, discussing with multiple stakeholders, and bringing all the key players such as Developers, Testers, and Business owners under the same roof to establish the organization's entire digital front from scratch.


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To set up the online presence of the organization with a limited budget to spread awareness and help the people on the spectrum to get customized sensory and weighted products. 

Key Players:


Web Development team

Quality Assurance consultant

Analysis & Discovery:

Maasi is an organization whose presence was socially important so as to raise awareness among the people regarding the existence of products that could make the life of people under spectrum easier and comfortable, and how these products would be beneficial for them and would make their life more comfortable. It was important to show practical insights to make people understand how these products work. Hence, in order to reach out to a wider audience throughout India, we chose the online media i.e. Website, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to serve the purpose.


After a thorough analysis focusing on the strengths and weakness, show-stoppers, areas of improvement, basically everything from scratch, I decided to follow the Waterfall methodology. Being a start-up, we had limited funding. Hence, I aimed for maximum profit and productivity with minimal resources and money. 

I collected all the requirements for the website from the organisation and focused on the points which can be highlighted, such as, what is their aim, how it all started, what are the products they sell, etc.

I arranged all the tasks based on their priority and took it to the development team. I ensured that the development team delivers the priority tasks first and then work on the overall requirements. I, also assured to pull all the stakeholders on call every week to get status about the deliverables. Once the development was completed with unit test evidence, I along with the resources from the Client Team performed the user acceptance and on successful testing, we made the website go live.


Since the initial launch, I have helped the organization with two successful iterations. In due time, our organization is all set to launch its products across all the ecommerce platforms