I was responsible for hiring and managing a team of 5 individuals with diverse backgrounds to get this project live. I founded, brainstormed, ideated, discussed, and executed all the key points with the entire team to make the important decision and get the project up and running from scratch. I also developed the UI/UX and the entire website using WIX.


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To learn, grow and understand the Crypto and NFT space.  

Analysis and Discovery:


Diplabs is an endeavor of two friends who wanted to learn and understand the Crypto & NFT space. In due time, as per requirements, we got more people on board to drive the project to completion.

After hours of long discussions and market research, the prototype was developed and the team started working on the project to make it live.


Skills Enhanced -


Project Management

Product Development

Relationship Management

Finance and Risk Analysis

Team Management


Social Media Marketing

Market Research